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What is Haven of Grace Seminary?
Haven of Grace is a Graduate-level Seminary on the island of Negros in the Philippines just south of the city of Bacolod, established to equip and train Filipinos and Southeast Asians for Gospel Ministry both in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia.

Why was Haven of Grace Seminary started?
Haven of Grace Seminary exists to glorify God through the equipping of servant-leaders within the Body of Christ by cultivating in them a love for God and His Word, faithfulness in handling the Word of God, a passion for preaching the Gospel, and a commitment to discipleship.

How much does it cost to attend Haven of Grace Seminary?
For a full-time resident student, the cost is an affordable P20,000 per semester.* This includes the cost of tuition, room and board (i.e. housing and meals) and all other associated fees. For students just wanting to take individual courses (whether semester long or in a block course format), the cost is P1850 per course.

*A work scholarship program and financial aid scholarships are available for needy students (see below for more details).

What degrees do you offer?
A student can enroll in either our Master of Divinity Degree Program (90 credit hours), or our Master of Arts Degree Program (36 Credit Hours). On average, a student attending full time would complete the course work for the Master of Divinity Program (M.Div.) in three years with his final, fourth year set aside for his “Pastoral Theology Practicum” in cooperation with a local church. A student enrolled in the Master of Arts Program (M.A.) can be completed in a year and half or two years with full-time studies.

What is the difference between the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts?
The Master of Divinity Degree (M.Div.) is the cornerstone of a seminary program. This 90 credit hour course of study will equip men in every discipline of theological study, as well as in the original languages. In receiving a M.Div., pastors, missionaries and Christian workers will be thoroughly prepared to understand and interpret Scripture, minister within the church, provide counseling, and faithfully preach the Gospel. Based on the elective courses chosen, a student can have an emphasis in Greek, Counseling, or Preaching.

The Master of Arts Degree (M.A.) is a program designed to help men gain further skills in handling the Word of God and ministering in the place God has put them. This 36 credit hour course of study is not as extensive as the M.Div., but still offers the student life-long tools for more effectively ministering for the Lord.

What is it like to be a resident student at Haven of Grace?
The facilities at Haven of Grace are set up to make your time at the seminary enjoyable. Situated on the beautiful Sulu Sea, the seminary’s location makes it a perfect place to learn and study. In order to get a feel of what it is like in the seminary, click this link (Take a Tour) to see the housing, bath house, canteen, classrooms, library, basketball court etc.

What work scholarship jobs are available to students?
The work scholarship program can reduce a resident student’s P20,000 bill up to 1/3. This means, those who work on the campus will only have P13,333 to pay. During the registration process, a student will be given the ability to apply for a work scholarship. Available jobs will include working in food services, cleaning, and security to name a few. In addition to the work scholarship, students may also apply for a financial aid scholarship established through the seminary. This scholarship can reduce a student’s bill up to an additional 1/3, bringing the total cost down to P6,667 per semester (all-inclusive). When filling out our online application, please make sure to check the boxes designating that you would like to apply for the work scholarship and/or the financial aid scholarship.

What transportation options are available while residing at the seminary?
Students will be required to provide their own transportation. Rides may be available to and from the seminary to various churches, as well as to Bacolod. Students may also hire a tricycle from Pulupandan.

What courses are offered at the seminary?
Over the full three year program, the following courses will be offered:

Hermeneutics, Greek Grammar 1 & 2, Creation to Consummation, Acts, Daniel & Revelation, Systematic Theology 1, 2 & 3, Pentateuch, Pauline Epistles, Biblical Counseling, Proverbs, Greek Exegesis 1 & 2, Prophets, Pastoral Theology, Isaiah, 1 Corinthians, Counseling for the Home, General Epistles, Genesis, Apologetics, Introduction to Hebrew, Homiletics 1 & 2, Historical Books, Expository Preaching, Romans, Wisdom Books, Counseling the Church, Zechariah, Gospels

Who teaches the courses at the seminary?
Our resident faculty member, Dr. Tim Valiante will be teaching 2 semester-long courses each semester. In addition to these courses, adjunct faculty from all over the world will come in to teach 2-week block courses which will be followed by a 3rd week dedicated to testing, reading, writing and research. We are excited about the world-class faculty that will be teaching courses in their various fields of specialty. Each semester will have between 3-4 block courses.

When does the year begin and end?
The school year begins with opening exercises during the last week of June with classes formally starting the first week of July. The first semester ends the second week of October. The second semester begins the first week of December and ends the last week of March. For a more detailed schedule please visit the “Calendar” page on our website.

What are your 3 week block courses like?
Our 3 week block courses are taught by our world-class adjunct faculty. These professors and pastors are uniquely gifted in the areas in which they will be teaching. The first week of the block course will begin on Tuesday and run through the following Thursday of the second week. The daily schedule will begin at 8:30 AM and run through 2:30 PM. During the third week, Dr. Tim will hold a couple hours of classroom study to answer any additional questions, help students with the reading and assignments, and administer any exams from the course. He will also meet individually with the students to help them with course projects.

What are the requirements to enroll at Haven of Grace?
Students may enroll who have a bachelor’s degree (whether from a Bible college, or from a state college or university), or who have had approved ministry experience such as number of years in full-time ministry.  Only men who are interested in a primary preaching ministry will be accepted for degree programs. A completed application must be filled out at this page and submitted for approval. Only approved students will be accepted for study at Haven of Grace. Enrollment is limited.  

Is Haven of Grace accredited?
Haven of Grace is not accredited by the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines. Our goal is to simply train men for preaching ministry.