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The Master of Arts Degree (M.A.) is a program designed to help men gain further skills in handling the Word of God and ministering in the place God has put them. This 36 credit hour course of study is not as extensive as the M.Div., but still offers the student life-long tools for more effectively ministering for the Lord.

            I.     Required Courses* (24 Credits)
                 A. Pauline Epistles (3 Credits)
                 B. Hermeneutics (3 Credits)
                 C. Systematic Theology 1 (3 Credits)
                 D. Systematic Theology 2 (3 Credits)
                 E. Systematic Theology 3 (3 Credits)
                 F. Homiletics 1 (3 Credits)
                 G. Biblical Counseling (3 Credits)
                 H. Creation to Consummation (3 Credits)
     *Depending on the course schedule, the registrar, at his discretion, may substitute required courses with elective courses in order for a student to finish his degree in a timely manner.
         II.     Elective Courses (12 Credits – Choose 4 courses)
                 A. Pentateuch (3 Credits)
                 B. Historical Books (3 Credits)
                 C. Wisdom Books (3 Credits)
                 D. Prophets (3 Credits)
                 E. The General Epistles (3 Credits)
                 F. Genesis (3 Credits)
                 G. Romans (3 Credits) 
                 H. Daniel and Revelation (3 Credits)
                 I. Gospels (3 Credits)
                 J. Acts (3 Credits)
                 K. Apologetics (3 Credits)
                 L. Greek Grammar 1 (4 Credits)
                 M. Greek Grammar 2 (4 Credits) 
                 N. Introduction to Hebrew (4 Credits)
                 O. Homiletics 2 (3 Credits)
                 P. Pastoral Theology (3 Credits)
                 Q. Greek Exegesis 1 (3 Credits)
                 R. Greek Exegesis 2 (3 Credits)
                 S. Counseling for the Home (3 Credits)
                 T. Counseling for the Local Church (3 Credits)
                 U. Expository Preaching (3 Credits)
                 V. Proverbs (3 Credits)
                 W. Psalms (3 Credits)
                 X. Isaiah (3 Credits)
                 Y. Zechariah (3 Credits)
                 Z. 1 Corinthians (3 Credits)