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The Master of Divinity Degree (M.Div.) is the cornerstone of a seminary program. This 90 credit hour course of study will equip men in every discipline of theological study, as well as in the original languages. In receiving an M.Div. pastors, missionaries and Christian workers will be thoroughly prepared to understand and interpret Scripture, minister within the church, provide counseling, and faithfully preach the Gospel. Based on the elective courses chosen, a student can have an emphasis in Greek, Counseling, or Preaching.

     I.     Equipping the Heart and Mind: 36 Credits (Required Courses)
                 A. Creation to Consummation (3 Credits)
                 B. Pentateuch (3 Credits)
                 C. Historical Books (3 Credits)
                 D. Wisdom Books (3 Credits)
                 E. Prophets (3 Credits)
                 F. Gospels (3 Credits)
                 G. Acts (3 Credits)
                 H. Pauline Epistles (3 Credits)
                 I. The General Epistles (3 Credits)
                 J. Genesis (3 Credits)
                 K. Romans (3 Credits)
                 L. Daniel and Revelation (3 Credits)
     II.     Equipping for Exposition: 27 Credits (Required Courses)
                 A. Hermeneutics (3 Credits)
                 B. Apologetics (3 Credits)
                 C. Greek Grammar 1 (4 Credits)
                 D. Greek Grammar 2 (4 Credits)
                 E. Introduction to Hebrew (4 Credits)
                 F. Systematic Theology 1 (3 Credits)
                 G. Systematic Theology 2 (3 Credits)
                 H. Systematic Theology 3 (3 Credits)
     III.     Equipping for Ministry: 15 Credits (Required Courses)
                 A. Homiletics 1 (3 Credits)
                 B. Homiletics 2 (3 Credits)
                 C. Pastoral Theology (3 Credits)
                 D. Practicum in Pastoral Administration (3 Credits)
                 E. Biblical Counseling (3 Credits)
     IV.     Electives: 12 Credits (Choose 4 from the following)
                 A. Greek Exegesis 1 (3 Credits)
                 B. Greek Exegesis 2 (3 Credits) 
                 C. Counseling for the Home (3 Credits)
                 D. Counseling for the Local Church (3 Credits)
                 E. Expository Preaching (3 Credits)
                 F. Proverbs (3 Credits)
                 G. Psalms (3 Credits)
                 H. Isaiah (3 Credits)
                 I. Zechariah (3 Credits)
                 J. 1 Corinthians (3 Credits)